What’s a preject?

Pre′ject (prē′jĕkt), n. 1. A parental reject. 2. A person rejected by and disconnected from either or both parents. 3. A person living with a cracked, broken, or shattered soul.

Why I focus on parental relationships

When a parent neglects, abuses, or abandons a child, that rejection creates an inner deficit affecting multiple areas of that child’s life into adulthood. As a result there are some 100 million prejects in the United States. And sadly, one-third of them are kids living daily with parental rejection, fighting to survive hellish childhoods to become wounded adults. A significant percentage of our population are internally scarred people living with cracked, broken, or shattered souls. This inner deficit, though until now largely undefined, affects every area of life. It wreaks particular havoc on marriages, career satisfaction levels, potential achievement, parenting practices and outcomes, and the ability to fully connect with others on a meaningful level.

How do I help?

The Mourning After

The Mourning After is a grief support service I’ve dedicated to helping people heal from all forms of grief, including the life limiting impact of parental rejection. My mission is to help people activate and accelerate the grieving process (mourning). I empower them to arrive at morning time in their lives more quickly, where joy, excitement, and new possibilities are born. To facilitate this I offer a suite of instructional and support services.

Preject Prescriptions

A catalog of online teaching videos. They offer practical steps to heal the soul and recover from the pain of parental rejection, which is perhaps the deepest wounding of the human soul.

Preject Blog

My blog is a series of articles each tackling a different aspect of parental rejection.

Preject Books

I have written a book that covers everything you need to know about parental rejection. A workbook that guides you through practical steps to recover from it. And novels that promote deeper awareness of some of the universal issues prejects face.

Understand who I am as a person

I am a global citizen with an appreciation for life beyond America. First, I was born in Belize. Second, I am married to a Haitian. Third, I was digested and spit out of an American sub-culture (the church). And I understand and speak, fluently, the language of pain and healing.

I have spent 32 years, in both formal theological training and the schools of failures and hard knocks, discovering and developing my spiritual identity and power. These experiences have taught me how to lead others on a similar journey to spiritual self-discovery and success. Forsaking the opiate of religion, I am guided by the most powerful force in the universe.

” It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. ” ~ Albert Einstein

Being a teacher is who I am

I am an experienced, anointed teacher. I have delivered more than 1600 sermons & seminar lectures to an audience of more than 200,000 people. I’ve specialized in restoring preject men, women & families to their original design.