Student testimonials

I have taught Overcoming Parental Rejection and Hurts workshops on college campuses and in church sanctuaries.

Because it’s all about happy students…

Here are the thoughts of some of my students.

Monique Jacobs

Cerritos College

This was powerful! I especially appreciated the visuals, the video interviews, and the self-assessment.

Michelle Martin

First Baptist Church, Westchester

Earl did an excellent job. He was very knowledgeable. I thought the information, the handouts, and the self-assessment form were all tens!

Cindy Stephens

College of the Canyons

I thought the 7 A’s of parenting was the best part of the workshop. Earl’s a great presenter!

Karen Jason

Mendocino College

This was excellent! Earl, you have to come back!

Ed Wallick

First Baptist Church, Westchester

The strongest feature of the workshop was how it helped me to gauge the severity of the problem in my own life via the questionnaire.

Dulce Trujillo

Cerritos College

This workshop made me decide to show more attention, more love, and more acceptance to my children now.